Welcome to my Creative World

Welcome to ChaNoJa's World! Let yourself be enchanted!


My compelling creations are meant for special occasions and moments in your life. I want to share my creative passion with the world! With those wild and free in spirit! If you want to be unique - treat yourself with wearable art from my shop :)


I am drawn to different elements such as wonderful crystals and gemstones, glass, shells and beach stones that mean something to me, come from mother earth and provide a sense that they are special little items raising the value of my jewelry.


ChaNoJa's world is very diverse... I create earthy, vibrant and psychedelic pieces. They are made to uplift, heal and energize you... Inspiration comes from the goddess, pagan and fairy realms. And I am also very much attracted to everything tribal, bohemian and gothic... There is so much beauty in this world to get inspiration from!


I have magical hands so therefore they create Magic! And Magic is defined as unforeseen generosity that feels delightful :)


Every piece is unique and handmade with love and care. Don't hesitate to ask for custom orders. I want you to love your piece as much as I did making it!


Mystical Goddess Pendants

Magic Crystal Wands & more

Dragoneyes & other Magic

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