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Welcome to the magical world of ChaNoJa Jewelry! My name is Chandani and I want to share with you my huge passion for unique and beautiful jewelry.


My life was exciting and adventurous in many ways, but one thing was lacking: creative expression! I felt deep inside that creativity will be an important part of my life some day. My patience was honored - In 2013 the waiting finally came to an end and I've had my creative awakening! Polymer Clay found me by showing me inspiring works from clay artists around the world and one day I said to myself: "What Beauty they create! Why not try myself? What others do, I can do too!?"


It completely took me by surprise and I am truly amazed at where I am today within just a few years. To create clay art jewelry seems to be my calling... My art creates itself from my soul and my heart, not from the head. The beauty lies in the "imperfections which are perfect", like in nature. I feel that my talent is not mine, it's a gift from the Universe and I'm forever grateful!


The expression of my very personal sense of beauty knows no limits and this clearly shows in my ever evolving creations. Creativity is my most beloved passion! With the adventurous spirit of a treasure hunter, I venture deeper and deeper into its mysterious realms.


As an 80thies child, I was always fascinated by all colorful in this world, by all that glows under a blacklight - and thats where I started off on my journey :)  More and more I involved the mythical world of Goddesses, Gods and healing crystals in my work. I love all boho, earthy, fairy, spiritual and nature-inspired things.


And I have a great passion for intricate details which I involve in my eclectic jewelry. Some of my creations radiate such special magic that they can be used as ritual jewelry in shamanic and healing sessions and to adorn your sacred space or altar. I feel a very personal connection with every one of my creations. And with some very special pieces I feel a strong magical bond as they seem to become alive and speak to me!


I get more and more wonderful feedback from people who requested a custom order. They say that I am able to capture the essence of their souls, of what touches them deeply... These compliments were a suprise to me at first and they greatly inspire me, give me lots of positive energy and arouse the fire of my creativity!


My creations are all my "babies" and i want them to find a loving new home where they are cherished and honored.


Here is what I like to use:

Healing crystals and gemstones, dragon eyes, high energy stones and shells found in nature, unique glass orbs and cabochons, mica powder (fairy dust), swarovski crystals, metal and wooden beads, leather or vegan cords like faux suede, cotton, sari silk yarn or silk ribbons. Recencly I have started to do simple and beautiful macramé cords, which takes a lot of time and is like a meditation. I also love unique metal charms and beautiful things from the forest and the sea... The most important ingredients I infuse in every single creation are MAGIC, PASSION and LOVE!


Why the name ChaNoJa? All began with three creative friends: Chandani - Norbert - Jael!

My enthusiasm for polymer clay was so contagious that I took two friends with me into the fascinating world of unlimited possibilities of creative expression - and ChaNoJa was born! In this shop you will find creations mostly by me and some by Norbert and Jael.


My story and what influences my style:

I spent my childhood in an ancient 700 year old house at the edge of a forest in  "Zürcher Oberland" in Switzerland, my father a painter, my mother a teacher. The artistic had been present at all times in my early childhood.


I was infected with the dangerous "travel-bug" at the age of 21 :) Travelling was what I most loved to do, until polymer clay found me! :) I visited quite a few countries around the globe: in South East Asia, the Middle East, USA, Canada , Ghana and Costa Rica. I got deeply involved with many different cultures and customs, which broadened my horizon massivly, made me more open and intensified my perception of life itself.  These experiences define who I am today and strongly influence my creation style.


If you have a question, a wish, a dream, a complaint or a critique, I'm always open to hear it! Please help me to learn and improve. I love inspiring custom orders!


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 •ॐ• Enjoy the magic, spread the love. •ॐ•


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